A Book Club in KanchiLUG : Clojure

Hello all,

We are planning to start a Clojure Book Club

Why Clojure?

  • Lisp dialect
  • Functional programming
  • Immutable data structures
  • Solving problems in it, so much FUN (REPL Driven Development).

Advantage of Clojure

  • Hosted language (works on top of Java, Javascript, .Net, Dart, …)
  • You can write both Frontend and Backend in clojure

Where clojure is used?

  • Netflix, Go-jek, Walmart, ThoughtWorks, Facebook, eBay, Apple, Amazon.
    More on: Clojure - Companies

Primary Uses

  1. Web Development
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Scripting (Babashka)
  4. Mobile Development (Clojure on top of Reactive Native)

Day: 26-Feb-2023 (Sunday)
Time: Evening @ 4:00 PM


Would you like any help?

  • Spread the word, If anyone wants to experience a different way to solve a program.

What do we get?

  1. Why LISP based languages are so loved by programmers
  2. Functional programming paradigms which can we used in other programming language
  3. Knowledge you learn from this can be used in other lisp dialects like elisp, scheme, common lisp,…

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