Build and deploy

Please any one help me to understand build and deploy in software development with some example

Below content is completely from my understanding. I may be wrong or correct. But this is what I know at this point

Just like in any other industry build and deploy is present everywhere.

For instance

Creating a boat is build, releasing it in the water is deployment

Manufacturing and assembling a bike is build, running and testing the bike is deployment.

Studying ina school is building, getting a job and working is deployment

Enough samples, let’s see what really the process in softwares industry

In softwares, we develop applications using a programming language. But computers can’t understand these human readable instructions. So we usually have a Compiler/Interpreter to create working binary executables.

So for a piece of software needs to be created as a executable it may have some dependencies like if you software is a online meeting app. It may have a dependencies like camera interface, audio interface, sockets, etc.

To make the software working you need to combine all essential dependencies and compile your software into one package. This process is called building and final piece created is called build.

Deployment is just placing your file in the running environment like a server or virtual desktops or in containers. So basically making it available for people to work with the software in real time.

One exact similar final example


When an article needs to be created.

The author read, search and compile facts and information from multiple resources to make a single article this is build.

When final version is created it is published in a blog, newspaper or a journal this is deployment because it is available to public in real time.

Hope you got my point and practical examples

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Thank you. Clearly understood.