Eclipse installation

I have installed the linux just now. Having downloaded the eclipse it says “an error has occured. See the log file /home/manivarman/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.8_155965261/configuration/1714146676492.log”

Can you sent the screenshot of that error.

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How did you install eclipse, which means install from software manager or eclipse website.

What is the error message saying?

it asks to read a log file.

isn’t it?

Did you read that log file?

what the log file says ? check there for any clue.

Hello sir, Thanks for your time,
That issue because of installed older os. Now i just installed 64bit os linux mint. Everything working fine. Now i turn on the laptop
It shows up horizontal lines on the screen after the password process finished which means once the screen get into the home page the horizontal lines showed up

, It throws a error page before starting… I think i am stucking in this place. I need support to get over this issue. Thanks for your time. I will attach the image which shows error in the beginning.