Emacs ~ files

hi linuxusers

I recently switch to Emacs editor

how to avoid ~ files creation

I used keybinds
open file - ctrl + x + f
save file - ctrl + x + s
close file - ctrl + x + c

Using following lines in the init.el will provide you the expected behavior

;; No autoback up and lock files
 make-backup-files nil
 auto-save-default nil
 create-lockfiles nil)

checkout my config: https://github.com/ThangaAyyanar/Learning-Adventure/blob/master/Emacs/emacs_part8.org

Emacs playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0vwHm0AGyYP8yg0DZc8ApOEI7mw75U70

The emacs part 2 video contains the basic behavior & configuration changes


ok brother
thanks :slight_smile: