flatpak problem in Linux mint 20.3 uma


With the above provided one line message we cannot understand what you were trying to say.

Are you saying flatpak is a having a issue in linux mint uma edition as a news ?


Are you facing any particular issue in installing a specific app from flatpak and want to get support from community ?

Please be specific.

We all live in the world :earth_americas:
But we need postal address and pincode to send a letter :email:

So please be specific with your question or news

Eclipse or visual studio download panna flatpak-warning.txt varudu

அந்த கோப்பை திரந்து பார்க்கவும். அதில் என்ன உள்ளது என்பதை படித்து பார்க்கவும்.

Idu yenna vendru yenaku puriyavillai

அதில் உள்ள தகவலை copy செய்து https://translate.google.com/?sl=en&tl=ta&op=translate இங்கு paste செய்து படித்து பார்க்கவும்.