Git workshop in kanchiLUG

Hi All,

You all know that we are doing a python workshop in kanchiLUG and it has almost come to the end. All the learners are doing a portfolio project using python. (In case you missed, don’t worry we will soon start another round of python workshop)

So we are planning to start another chapter of the workshop now, we are thinking of GIT, the only version control system you need to know.

An industry professional is going to take this workshop in the most fun and practical way so if you are interested reply your interest in this mail thread!

Stay tuned to kanchilug mailing list and this TLC thread for updates…


how join in next workshop?

How can you add my name to kanchilug mailing list?

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Hi All,

We will start a GIT - Version Control System workshop starting 1st January.

Learn GIT with us - Session 01
Date and Time: January 01, 10:00 IST
Meeting Link: Jitsi Meet

See you guys in Sunday’s session.
Share this with anyone who can benefit from this!

Share this to anyone who can benefit from this!

The Meeting is open now!