Hi people.can someone help me to resolve this issue once I shut down Linux and remove my pendrive and turn on the laptop I'm getting this can someone help me on this

லினக்ஸ் மிண்ட் பெண்டிரைவை பயன்படுத்தி மீண்டும் கணினியை பூட் செய்யவும். லினக்ஸ் மிண்ட் டெஸ்க்டாப் தெரிந்தவுடன் ctrl-alt-t கொடுத்து வரும் டெர்மினலில்

sudo fdisk -l

இந்த கமாண்டை இயக்கி வரும் தகவலை பகிரவும்.

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Hi sir I did the above one which you explained, I got the below image

Also please do explain me in English sir has I don’t know to read tamil as I know only to speak in Tamil

sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt
find /mnt
sudo umount /mnt

In the same terminal, run these commands and share the results here.

Hi sir
I’m getting thus sir

Run the comments again, there was a typo, instead of executing find, you executed fint.

Hi sir,

I did this now

I got this sir

sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p3 /mnt
find /mnt -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1
sudo umount /mnt

Run this command and share the results.

Hi sir
Here’s the result for it

Hi, your EFI partition was wiped out. It means, you cannot boot windows anymore. However, your windows files are still intact. So these are the possibilities you have,

Backup Your important files in Windows and Re-Install Windows

  1. You need an external pendrive or external harddisk to backup your important windows files.
  2. You can backup those files using Linux Mint Live USB environment (the one you are running the commands which I gave).
  3. Once you backed-up all the important windows files, you can re-install windows.

Recover your windows from BIOS

  1. It seems your disk have a Windows Recovery Partition
  2. You can recover your Windows by going into BIOS, there must be an option to recovery the windows OS. Select that option and proceed. Windows will be recovered or reinstalled.
  3. You may still need to backup important windows files with the help of Linux live environment.

Repair windows from Windows Installation Media

  1. Create Windows Installation Media (pendrive to install windows)
  2. Boot from Windows Instllation Media
  3. Either repair the already installed windows or install new windows.
  4. You may still need to backup important windows files from your already installed windows with the help of Linux live environment.

Before you do anything, make sure you backup all the important files from your current windows partition with the help of Linux live environment. Your windows partition is still available, only the EFI partition which is responsible to boot windows were wiped out. You need a backup disk (a pendrive with enough space or an external USB harddisk). Let us know once you arrange a backup disk, we can help you to recover important files from your previously installed windows.

Unfortunately, we cannot help to restore your windows as we dont provide help for anything outside of Linux/FOSS. It is upto you to find out howto restore/repair/re-install your windows. You can easily find help from google in this topic.

Hi Sir,

Thanks for the guidance I have installed the Linux mint but I have switch to windows to Linux or vice-versa only when I shut down the laptop, to work on each os I have to shut down n on and choose the particular Os can you please help how to add the command so I can switch by using command to each os

There are multiple approaches to use Linux with Windows

  1. Dual Boot
  2. Running Windows VM (Virtual Machine) on top of Linux using Virt-Manager
  3. Running Linux VM (Virtual Machine) on top of Windows using VirtualBox

As you said, you implemented the first method, in this way, you don’t have a choice to easily switch between Windows and Linux. You have to shutdown one OS to boot into another OS.

If you want seamless switching between the two OSes, then you have to implement either point 2, or point 3 above. I recommend using Linux as a base system and use a Windows VM on top of Linux which provides near metal performance because Linux uses KVM which is the backbone of today’s cloud computing.

Hi sir
Thank you somuch for the information inwill use as it is right now thanks again for your help sir :smiling_face: