[KanchiLUG] Learn python with us - An online python workshop

Title : Learn Python with us
Frequency of workshop : Weekends ( Both saturdays and sundays)
Timing : Dynamic (Will be announced in mailing list and here on every Friday prior to the class on saturday)
Duration : Approx. 1 hr on weekends
Starting date : Oct 15
Target audience : Complete beginners (Even who don’t have prior experience of programming can attend)

Topics to be covered:

  • Programming and its need
  • Why specifically python?
  • Input and outputs
  • Data types
  • Operators and variables
  • How to get help and explore python?
  • Methods and type casting
  • Data structures – (List, tuple, set, dictionary)
  • Control statements – (If else and all other types)
  • Looping – (for and while)
  • File handling
  • Practical use cases (
    Web scraping
    Connecting to API
    Exception handling
    Cryptography with python
    Creating a assistant with python
    …more exciting projects )

Things you will need:

  • A laptop
  • Internet connection
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Timing and meeting link for first session will be updated in KanchiLUG website and KanchiLUG mailing list: https://kanchilug.wordpress.com/

Learn python with us - First session

Date Time Link
October 15, 2022 17:00 IST Jitsi Meet

python programming online free training - day 2

Oct 16 - 10 AM

Don’t miss it.