KanchiLUG Monthly Meet Schedule

KanchiLUG’s Monthly Meeting - Jan 08, 2023

Hi everyone,
KanchiLUG’s Monthly meet is scheduled as online meeting this week on Sunday, Jan 08, 2023 16:00 - 17:00 IST

Meeting Link

Can join with any browser or JitSi android app.
All the Discussions are in Tamil.

Talk Details

Talk 0:
Topic : Clojure Introduction
Description : We will go through the clojure programming language, how fun it is…
Duration : 20 mins
Name : Thanga Ayyanar
About : I work in Zoho as iOS developer, I like open source software and celebrate if I can automate any mundane task OR if I learn any new terminal tools commands or tricks. Also people call me Gold Ayan : )

Talk 1:
Topic : ERPNext and Multitenancy setup and fixing Let’s encrypt SSL
Description : ERPNext is a free and open source integrated ERP software and is built on MariaDB, a database system along with Frappe, a python based server side framework ERPNext - Wikipedia
Duration : 30 mins
Name : Dhanasekar T
About : Working as a linux admin in a startup

See you guys in the meet!