Linux Installation - Disk Partition - Lenovo

I cant partition my disk - says there is no space available.

You have to first shrink an existing partition and then create empty disk space. Then you can create a new partition from the non-partitioned space.

I see you have about 116GB in C that’s free. You can shrink C by, let’s say, 60 GB and then create a new partition of the 60GB.

Thanks for the reply…

  1. We have 116 GB free space in C drive
  2. I tried to shrink the C drive - In the above image, if you notice, it says → the shrinkable volume is 153 MB
  3. So only i raised the query.

i was looking for the solutions to partition it.
It says something like → Erase the existing OS and install it freshly with new partitions

If someone has the experience in it… Please do help me…

Please check with windows forums and support platforms to fix the shrink issue.

I suggest to backup all required data on a external drive and install linux fully.

You can do all you want to do with Linux itself.

If windows is required for any reason, install as a virtual os on Linux, using virtual box.

லினக்ஸில் virtualbox ஐ தவிற்போம். இன்று aws, google, digitalocean, linode, ibm மற்றும் எண்ணிலடங்கா கிலவுட் நிருவனங்கள் பயன்படுத்தும் மிகச்சிறந்த விர்சுவலைசேஷனான kvm ஐ virt-manager முலம் பயன்படுத்துவோம்.

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