On Running Mininet application - xterm h1 - display is not getting connected - need steps to procced

mininet> xtermh1
*** Unknown command: xtermh1
mininet> xterm h1
Error: Cannot connect to display
EOF intfs nodes ports switch
dpctl iperf noecho px time
dump iperfudp pingall py wait
exit link pingallfull quit x
gterm links pingpair sh xterm
help net pingpairfull source
mininet> xterm h1
Error: Cannot connect to display >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

xterm h1 h2 ===> generally it should open the terminal window for hosts h1 and h2 . Happening as expected on Linux booted BIOS OS - terminal was launching certainly, with VMWARE nased LINUX-OS- terminal was
not not launching.

Above problem is observed even after enabling nested Virtualization- VT-x enabled at BIOS mode on "WINDOWS " as well as enabled on VMWARE - LINUX through a command : shared over meeting chat - hence confirmed and declared that "nested Vt-x can’t be established ".

Possibilities are confirmed with docker initialization over Vmware LinuxOS-please confirm here the steps -
How i can connect to docker shell for experimenting “iperf” and "netperf " analysis incase suitable to create 2 different docker containers - h1 and h2.
Please confirm possibility of traffic analysing tool over docker created containers.

VMWARE nased LINUX-OS- terminal was not not launching

VMware என்ற தனியுரிமை மென்பொருளுக்கு இந்த குழுவில் உதவ இயலாது. VMware வாடிக்கையாளர்களுக்கு உதவ தனி துறையை VMware நிறுவனம் வைத்துள்ளது. அந்த துறையின் உதவியை நாடவும்.

Even while trying with Base OS as ubuntu
vm@VM:~$ sudo mn -x
*** No default OpenFlow controller found for default switch!
*** Falling back to OVS Bridge
*** Creating network
*** Adding controller
*** Adding hosts:
h1 h2
*** Adding switches:
*** Adding links:
(h1, s1) (h2, s1)
*** Configuring hosts
h1 h2
*** Running terms on :0
*** Starting controller

*** Starting 1 switches
s1 …
*** Starting CLI:
mininet> xterm h1
mininet> xterm h2
mininet> xterm h1 h2
mininet> h1 xterm
bash: xterm: command not found

====> host machine terminal is not getting launched