Privacy for Android

Dear forum friends, I am not that much tech savvy and so confused with what to use for browsing in Android amoung the following.

Firefox from Play Store
Fennec fdroid from fdroid
Mull fom fdroid.

And suggestions and justification for that.
Thank you. :blush:

I’m using Firefox Focus in Android. You can check about Firefox Focus from here - Firefox Focus: The privacy browser

Thanks and Definitely will give it a try. But that isn’t available in F-droid​:face_with_peeking_eye:. Any good :fire: :fox_face: browser from fdroid ???

Either use Official Firefox from playstore

Or use Fennec from f-droid

Both gives the same app, the official one contains non-free blobs, those blobs are removed in the f-droid based Fennec, so It may have less features compared to official one from playstore.

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Thanks for your suggesting brother.
And just to know, whats your view on mull from fdroid

no idea, I think it adds few more privacy related features from Tor project. So, I hope it is better then Fennec related to privacy.