Queries on migrating from X11 to Wayland

Hi Linux friends,

I was thinking to switch from Xorg to Wayland for sometime now, But still not sure how much time I have to spend on this migration. Also I have some few queries on this migration. Mentioning my queries in this post.

My Current setup:
Distribution : Arch
Display server: Xorg X11
Window manager: i3

Hardware configs:
Processor : Intel i3
Ram: 8 GB
Graphics : Hybrid (Both Intel and Nvidia)
Note: Currently not utilizing Nvidia much due to power consumption.

My Queries on switching to Wayland:

  1. To switch cleanly from X11 to Wayland, Can I directly remove Xorg packages and install Wayland with config changes in my current setup (or) Should I re-install my distro from base then directly install wayland ? (Which way would be cleaner and faster? Kindly note I have my dot files so re-installing also won’t take much time for me)

  2. If I Just uninstall Xorg X11 and install Wayland I know native X11 apps will work using xorg-wayland subsystem (OfCourse running a native X11 window manager will not work in wayland), Does application have both Xorg and Wayland support will face any crashes ? Do I need to make any config regeneration for these apps ?

  3. If anyone already made the switch, Can you tell me how much time does it takes for the switch ?

  4. Also, Is there any other steps should I do before making switch? (or) Any migration blog or materials I can refer as the guide Apart from ArchWiki (He is my first go to guy :grin: ) Any pointers would be appreciated

I know this query topic has lot of questions, Thanks for being patient and for spending your time reading my queries and answering it.

Let me know if any items is not clear, I can explain it more clearly.

Thanks :pray:

Fresh build is always better

Apps which support both will always prefer Wayland first, if wayland not running, they switch to X11.

depends on how long you are willing to spend.

Thanks a lot for sharing the answers :pray: :pray:

I am willing to spend a maximum of 5 hours for the switch. Is that sufficient to make the switch ?

Any blogs or materials I can refer too ? Apart from Wiki’s

Again Thanks :grin: :pray:

Installing wayland compositor is just like installing another application in Arch, nothing special.

Thanks for sharing the docs
Will share the status of my wayland switch once done :grin: