Regarding TOSS Conf

What is the time the conference is starting ? What is the procedure to enter the venue if we registered ?

As mentioned in the invitation mail and post, event starts at 10 AM onwards.
We may receive some entry pass SMS to the registered mobile number. But we haven’t received anything yet.

So if we didn’t recieve any SMS regarding Entry pass until tomorrow. Please mention you came for TossConf2023 while entering the premises and show them the Payment receipt you received over the mail at the time of registration.

Kindly send a mail regarding the procedure to enter the venue to all the registered users.

Sure we are working on it… Will be sent out in few minutes

Seems we won’t be recieving any entry pass SMS.
So please see below,

While entering the premises tomorrow, Please mention you came to attend an event in KissFlow technologies. You will be asked to share your Name and mobile number used for the event registration. We need your cooperation on the same for smooth experience. (Just in case, have a govt recognized Id proof with you. Not mandate but just to be safe)