Which distro best to Primary Os and secondary need use Virtual machine

Hi friend i’m new here i’m doing hardware service Engineer i need use linux in my laptop Primary os and secondary Virtual machine sugges Which is best distro and Virtual machine inside linux

Hi bro my suggestion is that you can start with linux mint which user friendly . for virtual machine you can use gnome-boxes which offers simple easy to use vm .
If you still need the best then you can try Arch linux.

in the vm can do passthrough

Which is the best Manual Partition or Automatic Partition

As i said linux mint is debian based so its beginer friendly installtion of linux mint gui based so it assists you to do the seamless easy installation. Installer will guide to do patrition it asks whether to install the os alongside of windows os if you have one or it will recomend erase entire disk and install mint which is automatic partition method or the final option is manual partition. You can choose any one option which suits your need

Manual partition is the best

Thank you Sir

Explane Manual Partition sir