Zoho | Cloud Operations Engineer

Work Experience: 1 - 4 Years

Work Location: Chennai

About the team:

Zoho Cloud Operations team is at the forefront of managing and maintaining critical infrastructure across multiple data centers situated in various geographic locations. We are entrusted with ensuring the availability, performance, and security of our cloud-based services.

We are looking for a Cloud Operations Engineer / Linux Administrator who will be an integral part of our dynamic team.

Roles and Responsibilities

Install, configure, and maintain all server hardware, Linux operating systems, and related software.

Monitor availability & performance of servers and different applications and follow the procedure to restore the services as quickly as possible.

Create and manage virtual machines using an in-house tool.

Management of infrastructure components such as DNS, DHCP, NTP, Proxy, OS Image Servers, and Load Balancers.

Implement and maintain security measures to protect Linux systems from unauthorized access and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Automate server administrative tasks using scripting languages such as Bash or Python to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Monitor different databases ( RDBMS, NoSQL ) and other components like Hadoop and take action in case of failures.

Identify issues in different levels like Hardware, OS, Applications, and analyze the root-cause of the issues.

Conduct periodic DR Drills based on the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Collaborate with different teams (Network, Framework, DevOps, Application development, and support teams) to troubleshoot and resolve availability and performance issues in the Zoho Cloud.

Work in a 24x7 rotational shift.

Required Skills

1-4 years of working experience as a Linux Administrator.

Good knowledge of Linux OS and cloud infrastructure components like Virtualization, Load Balancers, etc.

Good knowledge of of Web Servers like Apache/Nginx.

Experience with configuring and provisioning Linux OS for a large number of servers using automated installation methods.

Basic knowledge of networking concepts like VLAN, NAT, ARP, Firewall, and Switch configuration.

Understanding of infrastructure components such as DNS, DHCP, NTP, Proxy, etc

Knowledge of open-source automation tools like Puppet and Ansible.

Knowledge of shell/python scripting.

Knowledge of server hardware components like CPU, RAM, drives, and internal design, etc.

Basic understanding of SaaS components like RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop, etc

Strong coordination and communication skills to work effectively with different teams.

Ability to work in a 24x7 rotational shift environment, demonstrating adaptability and teamwork.